Baxter Bayer

"When it comes to events, my goal is to help clients save time, money and stress. To succeed and enjoy the event planning process. To wow my clients the same way my clients want to wow their attendees.


When it comes to fundraising, my goal is to provide a perfect platform to optimize raising funds."

45 min session. Open ended Q&A to support your urgent needs.
Event Coaching
45 min
We'll discuss your fundraiser or provide fundraising ideas unique to you and your network. Prioritize tasks will teach you the art of fundraising!
Fundraising Coaching
45 min

Planning events can be daunting, draining, frustrating and stressful! I'm here to be your corner man and provide solutions to simplify the planning process. I'll coach you through the event cycle, help you prioritize tasks, steer you away away from time consuming traps and most important make you feel at ease.  

No matter the size/scale of the event, or where you are in your event cycle, I'm ready to help get your event in great shape.  

Consultation Benefits

  • Save Time & Effort
  • Learn the proper steps 
  • Wow your attendees
  • Avoid excessive costs

  • Create efficiencies

  • Strategic Planning

  • Risk Aversion

  • Crisis Management


EVENT COACHING: 45 min Online or Phone Session 

    • Open-ended Troubleshooting or Choose a class session. 

EVENT FUNDRAISING: 45 min Online or Phone Session 

  • We'll help you discover what the best fundraiser is for you to put on! What is the most bang for your buck! We can also explore how you can raise more for fundraisers already in the works!  

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Managing Resources & Inventory

Creative Collateral Proofing 

Fundraising & Stewardship plans.

Strategic Recruitment Plans

Registration Management

Marketing & Communication Plans

Media: Media Releases & Advisories

Fundraising, Stewardship, Ambassador Programs


Risk Aversion

Critical Path/Production Scheduling

Route Design & Development

Site & Venue Planning

Sponsors & Supplier Negotiations

Staffing & Volunteer Planning

Marketing & Communications Plan

Infrastructure Planning

Supplier & Vendor Tracking


Baxter Bayer is a seasoned event expert with a portfolio that includes everything from small-scale regional community-level events to international high-profile and complex multi-million-dollar fundraising events. Baxter has successfully planned, managed and executed over 70 regional not for profit events. Baxter has designed from scratch over 600km of professionally planned routing for public run, walk & cycling events and oversaw well over 1000km of routing. He's managed events from all angles and his portfolio has required significant collaboration with a variety of community organizations, not-for-profit groups, businesses, and the government. 

  • Founder & Organizer of Island Summer Games: 20 years of goodwill community service bringing people together through the power of sport, music, art & charity.

  • Founder & Organizer of the Big Fun Run Series: A series of family friendly events

  • Managed over 70 Not-For-Profit events raising over a combined 250 million 

  • Designed single day fundraising contest raising over $30,000 & Corporate Partner programs raising over $120,000 in 2 years​

  • Designed & Permitted 240km Ride To Conquer Cancer bike route and rest stops from Vancouver, BC to Seattle. WA. 

Baxter self started producing events in 2000 when he organized the first Harbour City 3 on 3 basketball in Victoria, BC to bring people together through the power of sport, music, art and charity. Over the course of 20 years, the Harbour City 3 on 3 tournament morphed into an annual 3-day outdoor multi sports & entertainment festival in Victoria, BC, the Island Summer Games. “ISG” has become a Vancouver Island tradition and has grown to be the largest multi-sports and social event on the Island.


As someone who loves to bring community members, families and friends together to enjoy the outdoors, Baxter uses his creativity and positive attitude to found Running Tours Inc in 2017 where he created, designed & produced the ”Big Fun Run Series”, a series of family friendly running/walking events along with other group and private tours. To date, there's been 14 Big Fun Run Series events including the Big Elf Run which is recognized in "AMEX's Top 15 Worldwide Seasonal Events with a Twist".

Baxter truly enjoys the coaching, mentoring and educating element as he's taught at LaSalle College and North Island College to prepare the next generation of Event Management professionals.

When not planning or teaching events, Baxter is also engaged in the music industry as the percussionist known as “Bongofide.” Over the years, Bongofide has played in local music festivals and has toured internationally, performing in a wide range of venues. A dream came true in 2015 when he played on IbizaSonica.com, a radio station in Ibiza, Spain which he idolized and set out to fulfill his vision of playing in studio. 


Founder, Owner, Operator of Running Tours Incorporated & Tickets, Tours & Events, Big Fun Run Series, GoFUNRUNme program. 


  • Responsible for all aspect of business operations and public relations.

  • Successfully executed 14 family friendly community fun runs.

  • Design & led marketing, promotions and communication plans.

  • Led all sponsorship, registration and recruitment strategies.

  • Hire, train and supervise up to 12 staff per event.

  • Obtain all permitting and insurance for venues and routes.

  • Create, develop, track event finances and business operations budget.

  • Manage resources, inventory, purchasing and merchandising.

  • Liaise with city officials, stakeholders, venues, vendors, sponsors, suppliers.


Tourism, Event & Hospitality Management SESSIONAL INSTRUCTOR                                        

LASALLE COLLEGE |  Jan 2016 -  Dec 2019

  • EVM200: Finance Management & Administration

  • EVM204: Customer Service, Sales & Relationship Building

  • RCM241: Marketing in the Hospitality Industry

  • RCM263: Hospitality & Human Resource Management

  • RCM273: Leadership & Organizational Development

  • CUL272:  Capstone


NORTH ISLAND COLLEGE | Jan 2019 – April  2019

  • Island Summer Games: Founder & Organizer Jan 2000 to Present

  • Big Fun Run Series; Founder & Organizer (Big Elf Run, Big Easter Run, Big Fiesta Run, Big Superhero Run)

  • CARE Canada’s Walk In Her Shoes: Race Director & Consultant 2017 to 2019​

  • Glotman Simpson Cypress Challenge: Race Director & Consultant 2015 to 2018 Best BC Bike Race 2018​ by Cycling BC

  • Easter Seals Regatta: Logistics Manager & Consultant 2017 to 2019

  • Vancouver Running Festival. Race Director & Consultant 2018

  • Easter Seals Women 2 Warrior: Victoria & Vancouver Project Manager/Consultant 2017

  • BC Cancer Foundation’s Workout to Conquer Cancer: Project Manager/Consultant 2014 to 2016

  • BC Cancer’s Road Hockey to Conquer Cancer: Chief Hockey Officer 2015

  • Vancouver Island Easter Seals Camp Challenge: Logistics Manager 2014 to 2015

  • Canadian Red Cross: Haiti 5 years Later Art Exhibit: Event Planner 2014 to 2015

  • Vancouver Island Easter Seals Colour Run:  Race Director/Logistics Manager 2014

  • Easter Seals 24 Hour RelayVictoria: Logistics Manager 2006 to 2013

  • CauseForceRace Director/Regional Logistics Manager 2009 to 2012

    • Ride to Conquer Cancer; 2009 to 2012

    • Weekend to End Women’s Cancers; 2009 to 2010 

    • Underwear Affair: 2009 to 2011

    • Ottawa Bike for Beats: 2011

    • Supported Ride to Conquer Cancer events in Montreal

  • HBC Run for Canada: Marketing & Race Director  2006 to  2007