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Explore Vancouver Tour

The Vancouver City Highlights Tour is our most popular running tour which takes runners on a 12km run through the history, sights and smells of 6 of Vancouver’s most notable neighbourhoods. 



  • Stunning Views of # Vancouver landmarks

  • Visit to the Lynn Valley Ecology Centre

  • Steam Clock; Gardens; Beaches, Lagoons, Inukshuls and more!


Kitsilano PoolVancouver, BC 

Distance: 12km Loop


Difficulty: Easy to moderate

Landmarks & Attractions: 20

Designed by: Baxter Bayer

What To Bring:

  • Running Shoes

  • Water Bottle

  • Sunscreen

  • Breathable Clothing

Kitsilano Tour

Start/End: Kitsilano Pool 2305 Cornwall Ave, Vancouver, BC 

Distance: 5.85km Loop

Level: Easy to Moderate

Touristic Stops: 20

Route Designed by: Baxter Bayer

About: Find out what the legendary "Kits" has to offer! Where to shop, find the best beach spots, take in the panoramic views, learn about popular events & venues,  marvel in luxury cars see what drives Vancouver's green thumb!

Salt Spring Island Tour

Start/End: 62 Rainbow Rd, Salt Spring Island, BC

Distance: 5km Loop

Number of Stops: 15

Level: Easy to Moderate

Designed by: Susan Gordon

About: This 5K loop starts and finishes at Rainbow Pool Park.  Visit popular staple mark sites such as Centennial Park, Mouat Park, Ganges Harbour. Find out the best sunset viewing on the island and where to best study Salt Spring's famous and unusual geology!  

About Salt Spring Island: via

Salt Spring Island is truly a nature lovers’ paradise! With spectacular coastal and pastoral scenery and the moderate climate, a variety of activities can be comfortably pursued all months of the year. From leisurely walks along pristine beaches to challenging uphill hikes, the vistas, flora and fauna are always inspiring. Surrounded by miles and miles of the mainly sheltered waterways of the Pacific Ocean’s Salish Sea, this Gulf Island archipelago offers countless opportunities to explore the marine world.

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