Discover the Bets of Tthe Best Vancouver:


The Vancouver City Highlights Tour is our most popular running tour which takes runners on a 12km run through the history, sights and smells of 6 of Vancouver’s most notable neighbourhoods. 



  • Stunning Views of # Vancouver landmarks

  • Visit to the Lynn Valley Ecology Centre

  • Steam Clock; Gardens; Beaches, Lagoons, Inukshuls and more!


We take a lot of pride in our route and we've done a LOT of THEM. It's one our favourites compliments to get. Complete the Tour at your own pace!

All of our route are scenic and have been tried tested and true. When you purchase one of our online maps; you will receive:

  • A Pdf of the route

  • A Google map link

  • 5 "Selfie" Spots


What To Bring:

  • Running Shoes

  • Water Bottle

  • Sunscreen

  • Breathable Clothing

Explore Vancouver Tour Map

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C$10.00Sale Price