Baxter has successfully planned, managed and executed a number of regional and international events. His portfolio includes everything from small-scale community-level events to high-profile and complex multi-million-dollar fundraising events.

Baxter self started producing events in 2000 when he organized the first Harbour City 3 on 3 basketball in Victoria, BC to bring people together through the power of sport, music, art and charity. Over the course of 20 years, the Harbour City 3 on 3 tournament morphed into an annual 3-day outdoor multi sports & entertainment festival in Victoria, BC, the Island Summer Games. “ISG” has become a Vancouver Island tradition and has grown to be the largest multi-sports and social event on the Island.


As someone who loves to bring community members, families and friends together to enjoy the outdoors, Baxter uses his creativity and positive attitude to found Running Tours Inc in 2017 where he created, designed & produced the ”Big Fun Run Series”, a series of family friendly running/walking events along with other group and private tours. To date, there's been 14 Big Fun Run Series events including the Big Elf Run which is recognized in "AMEX's Top 15 Worldwide Seasonal Events with a Twist".


Recently, Baxter truly enjoys the educating element as he's taught at LaSalle College and North Island College to prepare the next generation of Events,Tourism and Hospiltlaity up and comers. .

When not planning or teaching events, Baxter is also engaged in the music industry as the percussionist known as “Bongofide.” Over the years, Bongofide has played in local music festivals and has toured internationally, performing in a wide range of venues. A dream came true in 2015 when he played on, a radio station in Ibiza, Spain which he idolized and set out to fulfill his vision of playing in studio.